How to Choose a Primary Care Doctor

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Are you looking for a primary care doctor in the Omaha area? You need to carefully choose your primary care doctor as they are one of the most important healthcare partners you will have in your lifetime. Here is more information on what a primary care doctor is, why they are essential, and how you can choose the best one for your needs.

What is a Primary Care Doctor?

A primary care doctor provides continued care of multiple medical conditions as well as being the initial contact for undiagnosed health conditions that may need to be attended to by a specialist. A primary care doctor also provides wellness and preventative care such as regular physical exams, screenings for common health problems, and routine bloodwork in addition to treating minor illnesses and injuries, prescribing medications, and managing chronic conditions such as diabetes and depression.

Can a Primary Care Doctor Treat My Entire Family?

Yes. A primary care doctor who specializes in both internal medicine and pediatrics can see and treat entire families. These doctors are also referred to as “family doctors”. They can see patients from birth into their geriatric years. The benefit of seeing this type of doctor is that they get to know the family dynamic as well as individual health history and concerns and can continue to see patients as they pass through each phase of life.

How Can I Choose the Best Primary Care Doctor for My Needs?

Not everyone will have the same needs when it comes to choosing a primary care doctor. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you research and speak with potential physicians.

Is the doctor proactive? A good primary care physician will be proactive in helping you stay well and prevent chronic health problems. If the doctor is only interested in treating health conditions, diseases, or other problems after they have developed, you may want to continue interviewing.

Does the doctor take time to answer my questions? The last thing you want is to be rushed out of the room before you’ve had a chance to ask your doctor questions about your health. The best primary care physicians reserve enough time to make sure you understand your health and answer any questions pertaining to your health.

Does the doctor have experience? The more time a doctor has spent seeing patients, the deeper his or her depth of experience and knowledge will be. Look for doctors who have been in practice for ten years or more and have experience treating patients who have similar conditions to your own (if applicable).

Is it easy to communicate with the doctor? A good “bedside manner” is crucial when it comes to your primary care physician. You should feel comfortable with the doctor and able to share all your health concerns without fear of judgment. Your doctor should also be available to you should you have questions or concerns after your appointment. A support staff that returns calls and helps set up follow-up visits or consultations is key when it comes to choosing the best primary care doctor for your needs.

Does the doctor offer same-day visits? Your primary care doctor is the first stop for illness for you and your family. Same-day visits in this case are crucial, especially if you have small children. A good primary care physician will have time reserved each day for same-day visits in the case of acute illnesses so you don’t have to visit an urgent care and see an unfamiliar doctor when you or your child is sick.

The primary care doctors at Internal Medicine Physicians are accepting new patients. They offer same-day visits, care for the entire family, and are dedicated to providing attentive, proactive care to all their valued patients. If you are looking for a new primary care doctor in the Omaha area to handle all your healthcare needs, contact Internal Medicine Physicians today.